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Courtney Marie Andrews

May Your Kindness Remain Digital Album


Release Date: 23/03/2018

Courtney Marie Andrews’ highly anticipated new album, May Your Kindness Remain, will be released on 23rd March. Order now and receive an instant download of the title track.

Produced by Mark Howard (Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Tom Waits), the album was recorded over eight days at a rented house-turned-studio in L.A. In addition to Andrews on vocals and electric/acoustic guitar, the album features Dillon Warnek (electric guitar), Daniel Walter (organ, Wurlitzer, accordion), Charles Wicklander (piano, Wurlitzer), William Mapp (drums, percussion), Alex Sabel (bass) and C.C. White (background vocals). 

Of the album and the inspiration behind its ten songs, Andrews comments, “The people that I’ve met on the road these past few years got me thinking about my childhood, and the people around me that I’ve known, and the stories that come from my family. It became clear how many people are struggling through the same issues. People are constantly chasing that bigger life. A lot of people are poor in America—and because of those unattainable goals, they’re also mentally unstable, or sad, or depressed or unfulfilled. A lot of people—myself included at some point in my life—are loving somebody through this. That’s sort of the theme of the record: coming to terms with depression and the reality of the world we’re living in.”

1. May Your Kindness Remain
2. Lift The Lonely From My Heart
3. Two Cold Nights In Buffalo
4. Rough Around The Edges
5. Border
6. Took You Up
7. This House
8. Kindness Of Strangers
9. I’ve Hurt Worse
10. Long Road Back To You

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May Your Kindness Remain 3:54 $1.29
Lift The Lonely From My Heart 4:57 Bundle only
Two Cold Nights in Buffalo 3:29 Bundle only
Rough Around The Edges 4:12 Bundle only
Border 3:55 Bundle only
Took You Up 4:46 Bundle only
This House 4:04 Bundle only
Kindness Of Strangers 3:30 Bundle only
I've Hurt Worse 4:15 Bundle only
Long Road Back To You 6:01 Bundle only